missing pet consultant directory


Missing Pet Partnership maintains a directory of Missing Pet Consultants trained in the many facets of recovery. Some of these individuals or teams work as volunteers, while others operate a business and charge fees for service. Some offer consultation by phone and/or email only, others will travel to assist with physical searches, and some handle dogs trained to search for a missing pet. 

As the owner of a missing pet, it is up to you to choose an MPC individual or company that fits your needs. We make no guarantees and assume no liability for the services provided by the MPCs. 

There are two ways to search, by geographic area or by specialty. MPCs are listed in their primary state in the U.S. and province in Canada, although some cover adjacent states/provinces, and some cover any location. MPCs outside of North America are listed by country. 

Some MPCs have a specialty, such as cats, airport searches, or shelter/pound issues. Read over the listings for each MPC and visit their web sites for further details. 


Is this directory helpful to you? Did one of our trained volunteers assist you in finding your missing pet? Please DONATE to Missing Pet Partnership so we can continue our lifesaving work. Thank you. 



Missing Pet Detectives, LLC 


Offering lost pet services throughout the USA. On site searches with K-9 team, phone consultations. 



Fee for service 

Service area: Arizona and Western U.S. 

Specialty: Search dogs     


The Feline Finders 

Little Rock 

Lisa Willems  is a certified MAR Technician who specializes in finding lost cats. Lisa offers phone consultations, on-site searches with her search dogs, and is willing to fly or drive to work searches throughout the USA.



Fee for service 

Service area: Arkansas, any U.S. state Specialty: Cats  


Lost Pet Tracker 


Lost Pet Tracker offers the combined expertise of three Missing Animal Response Technicians: Consultant Sarah Bolin, K-9 Handler Judy Britton & Private Investigator Tony Suggs offer Comprehensive Pet Recovery Services of Lost, Stolen and Missing Animals throughout the Continental United States and beyond.  

951-445-2535 lostpettracker@gmail.com 

Fee for service (Free initial phone consult) 

Service area: California and worldwide

Specialty: Licensed private investigator, search dogs, travel to any location 

Lost Pet Detection 


Landa Coldiron is a two-time award-winning bloodhound handler and brings thirteen years of in-field experience to lost pets searches. Her bloodhounds have won the CVMA Animal Hall of Fame Award and the 2015 AHA Search Dog of the Year Award. Landa works under two private investigators. Forensic testing is available.  



Fee for service 

Service area: California 

Specialty: Search dogs, forensic testing     

Pet Search and Rescue Investigations 

San Diego 

Real-life Pet Detective Annalisa Berns found her purpose when she adopted a dog from the shelter. She is a true animal lover whose passion is helping find lost pets. As seen in O, The Oprah Magazine and on Animal Planet. Berns is a Licensed Private Investigator who has worked in the filed to find lost pets for 11 years. Services available (with travel) in many states in the US.  

800-925-2410 / 310-880-8268 


Fee for service (Free initial phone consultation) 

Service area: California, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois 

Specialty: Licensed private investigator, search dogs  

Bring Me Home Lost Pet Recovery 

Santa Rosa 

Phone consultation available in and around Northern California. Advice given on effective search techniques. Assistance provided with microchip registry search, lost reporting, and registration updating. Advice and support provided for checking local animal shelters and lost reporting. Referrals provided to fee-based pet detectives and search dog handlers as needed. 




Service area: Northern California, any U.S. state for animal shelter related searches 

Specialty: Animal shelter searches, owner reclaims  


Dog Gone Recovery  


Our group of volunteers consult with missing pets, additionally we network across social media and media sources. We also are in the field, putting up posters, searching, trapping, surveying, etc. We are a non-profit group and do not charge for our services. 




Service area: Connecticut 

Specialty: hard to trap animals  



SMART is a group available to phone consultations, on site assistance and search dogs for many types of missing pets in the New England area.  



Fee for service 

Service area: New England 

Specialty: search dogs   


Donna Watson 


I am willing to answer requests for help as quickly as possible. I can advise on strategy development; poster creation and lost/found pet campaigns. I am willing to assist in a variety of activities, fliers, posters, locally. I will assist in an advisory capacity for those cases that are a distance from my home base. My own lost dog Rudy, dragged me into the lost pet world. I wanted every piece of information that I could obtain in order to help to bring him home. I found that the more I advocated for him, the more people surfaced requesting information and resources that have not been available in our state. 




Service area: Delaware  


Pet PI 

Ormond Beach 

Pet PI is the first Private Investigation Agency in Florida specializing exclusively in reuniting lost or missing cats and dogs with their loved ones. Special interests in profiling and recovery of skittish, xenophobic cats and dogs. Regularly studying displaced animal behavior, techniques of detection and humane methods of capture. President Tammy Wozniak-Reed is a Florida Licensed Private Investigator #C-1300249 and Certified Missing Animal Response Technician. (MAR) Florida Private Investigation Agency #A-1300239  



Fee for service 

Service area: Florida 

Specialty: Recovery of skittish cats and dogs, stolen pet investigations   


Lost Cat Finder


Kim Freeman is a certified MAR Technician specializing in lost cats. Available for phone & email consultations, strategy coaching, feline profiling, shelter searches, flyer posting and on-site physical searches. Offers instant search guides: “How to Find a Lost Cat” and a “How-to” video, both available via Amazon and on her website.  

830 822-1567 


Fee for service 

Service area: Georgia and worldwide

Specialty: Cats, travel or remote assistance anywhere in the world


Terrier Power Tracking 

Silver Spring 

Please go to our web site and click on the “Contact Us” page to send me information about your lost pet. Because there are a lot of details to exchange at this point, email is the best way for us to communicate, and I WILL respond to your message promptly. 

So that you know what to expect: 

• finding a lost pet can take a lot of physical and emotional work—on your part and mine 

• it’s rare to actually find the lost pet on either a dog-supported or humans-only search—either kind of search is just one part of a variety of search & rescue strategies 

• the search will help focus your follow-up work; with my email/phone support you will need to make & post flyers and/or posters, maintain feeding stations, borrow/buy a game camera to monitor feeding stations and traps, visit shelters, and maybe more 

• your follow-up work is the MOST important part of getting your pet home again 

301 801 5627


Fee for service 

Service area: Central Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia  


Lost Pet Research and Recovery 

South Hadley 

Lost Pet Research & Recovery offers phone consultations, physical searches with a cat detection dog, rental of surveillance cameras & humane traps, lost pet poster design & placement, and assistance trapping skittish lost pets including specialized capture of hard-to-trap animals. Phone consultations are available anywhere in the US and may be available beyond the US using Skype. On-site services are available within 100-miles of South Hadley, MA (near Springfield). Danielle Robertson is a certified Missing Animal Response Technician (2008) with a background in animal behavior and wildlife biology. To request help, please fill out a Lost Pet Form on the Lost Pet Research website.  


Fee for service 

Service area: Max 150 miles around South Hadley

Wandering Tails Pet Recovery 


Wandering Tails Pet Recovery is available for phone and email consultations nationwide to provide education and support to families of lost pets. Within the Boston area, we conduct physical searches, create/hang posters, and instruct families on using cameras and traps which we provide. For lost cats, we do have a cat detection dog that can assist in the search. Amy completed the Missing Animal Response training in 2014.  Please use the Contact Us tab on our website if you need assistance.  

Fee for service 

Service area: 30 miles around Boston. 

Specialty: Cat detection dog


Lost Pet Search Solutions 

Clinton Township 

Certified MAR Technician. Lost Pet Solutions offers consultations by phone; trapping and surveillance equipment; contact information for shelters, vets, and rescue groups. They serve the Detroit area (Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties) and will consider supporting other location requests on a case-by-case basis. 

(586) 703-1096 



Service area: Detroit, MI  

Lost Paws, LLC 

Grand Rapids 

Our approach assesses the individual animal’s profile, environment and history. Once we’ve used this information to rule out unlikely scenarios, we can determine the most appropriate recovery plan. An animal’s individual plan may include a number of approaches, including a physical search of the area, surveillance, live traps, drop traps, and/or a detection dog.  



Fee for service 

Service area: Grand Rapids, MI 

Specialty: Detection dog, specialized traps


The Retrievers 


The Retrievers is a Minnesota-based all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing lost dog support services for rescues and individual dog owners. Services include: 1. Search Strategy and Consultation 2. Awareness Generation Assistance 3. Humane Capture of Skittish Dogs 4. Lost Dog Prevention Education The Retrievers created the Missy Trap and the Raytripper electronic gate triggering system, two innovations that have proven highly successful at capturing skittish dogs, even those that will not enter a conventional trap. Our designs are shared freely with the public, and we have helped owners nationwide build and successfully use their own Missy Trap and Raytripper. Tutorials and schematics can be found in the Resources area of our website. 




Service area: Minnesota 

Specialty: Specialized traps for hard to capture dogs   


Lost Pet Professionals, LLC

Since 2005, Karin TarQwyn has worked full time assisting pet owners in the location and recovery of their missing our-pawed family members. 

  • TarQwyn has been a K9 Handler since 1996. She works a team of scent specific tracking dogs renowned for their recoveries of missing pets all over the United States.
  • She has pioneered the art and science of K9 Profiling and Aerial location. Utilizing this successful process of recovery, she works one-to-one with pet owners across the globe in a Home by Phone capacity, (Consultation).
  • TarQwyn is the author of “How to Find a Lost Dog - The Pet Owners Guide,” a   how-to manual for pet owners based on her profiling techniques and recovery methods.
  • TarQwyn trains both humans and K9s in the art and science of tracking missing pets. (Subject to candidate interview and acceptance).

TarQwyn and her K9 TEAM appear regularly on TV shows and in the media. She has been featured and filmed by CNN, Animal Planet, the Today show, People, PBS, Dog Fancy and over fifty TV shows and newscasts across the U.S.

Licensed in:

Nebraska License #656      Missouri License #2014 012295     Florida License # C1700085 & # A1700050   California License #PI28194     Iowa License #112638 & # 1557NE

Call: 888-569-5775

Web site: http://www.k9pi.com

Service Area: The Midwest

Fee based service – Free Case Review


Sharon Morris


I am trained in locating and, if needed, humanely trapping dogs, cats, ferrets, reptiles, and farm animals. My equipment includes: game cameras, Spartan HD WI-FI game camera, hearing devices, 30FCD TruCatch trap, RayTripper trap for large dogs and animals, Snappy Snare, etc. I am also trained and have the necessary supplies to make weather resistant signs to place strategically for optimal viewing.At times, I will also use my tracking dog, Otis, whom I use to show me a point of direction to indicate which way your pet went. My dog and I are also trained in searching for wounded animals and also searching and forensically analyzing animal remains if needed.We live in a state with a high density of coyotes, but just because your pet is missing doesn't mean your pet has died. Your pet might just be trying to get home to you and doesn't know how, so give me a call. 

  • On Call 24/7
  • Completed Missing Animal Response Course
  • Certified Pet Tech (Dog & Cat First Aid & CPR)


(C) 603-848-7119

(H) 603-210-1485 


Service Area: New Hampshire

Specialty: Tracking dog, forensic analysis.


Lost Dog Advocates 


A dog trainer and behaviorist for more than 20 years Amy lost one of her dogs in 2013. Having initially had misconceptions about lost dog behavior she had to re-evaluate her approach to the search. Throughout the search many other lost dogs were located, pursued and captured aiding Rowen in developing keen instincts and skills in lost/loose dog recovery. Subsequent to the recovery of her lost dog Amy chose to continue to aid others in effective, efficient searches for their lost loved one. Rowen works with scent working dogs when possible and also provides workshops to educate others in successful methods in lost dog recovery. Equipment such as traps, thermal imaging devices, trail cameras and more is available for rent. Lost dog profiling, terrain assessment, scent working dogs, specialized equipment aid in successful recovery of lost and loose dogs. 


Fee for service 

Service area: 240 mile radius of Geneva Ohio including Western PA and parts of NY



Luzerne County Pet Recovery Services 


Luzerne County Pet Recovery Services has 2 trained MAR (Missing Animal Response) Technicians that have been tracking, trapping and recovering lost pets for years. Luzerne County Pet Recovery Services is based in Northeastern, Pennsylvania in Luzerne County. The service was started because of a need in the community to help owners of lost pets. Tracey Morgan-Chopick is also coordinator for our Luzerne County Animal Response Team, which assists animals during natural or man-made emergencies/disasters with training on Large Animal Rescue (Horses, Pigs, Cows and Sheep), Emergency Animal Sheltering and various required FEMA courses. Tracey is also a Humane Police Officer for a local animal shelter and recently has been given the Local Heroes Award for Animal Rescue by the American Red Cross Northeastern Pennsylvania Chapter. Jeff Chopick began assisting his wife a few years ago in finding lost pets and earlier this year (2016) decided to take the MAR course. He is also a volunteer for the Luzerne County Animal Response Team with training on Large Animal Rescue (Horses, Pigs, Cows and Sheep), Emergency Animal Sheltering and various required FEMA courses. We both share a wonderful passion together as husband and wife to save animal lives. No pet deserves to feel like they have been abandoned. We take great pride in volunteering our time for all the amazing lost pets we can help. We continually stay in-touch with all of our success stories and lost pet families. Some even decide to help and volunteer their time to help others who have lost their furry family members. 


Fee for service 

Service area: Northeastern Pennsylvania 

Specialty: Large animal experience

Where’s Fido? 


Pet Detective with 3 years experience in Missing Animal Response. Services offered: Phone Consult, On-Site Consult, On-Site Search, Poster and Flyer Design and Distribution, Use and Monitoring of Wildlife Cameras and Humane Traps of Various Sizes (cats/small dogs up to Mastiff/Great Dane/etc). 




Service area: Central Pennsylvania     

Hound Hunters of NEPA 


As an individual certified in Missing Animal Response, I, along with my team of volunteers, will apply all available resources and knowledge to reunite owners with their lost beloved pets. I am also a Certified Veterinary Assistant, which enables me to give proper emergency medical care, if needed, when any animal is found. Hound Hunters believes that lost pet owners are suffering enough with the loss of their pet, therefore there is absolutely NO charge for our services. As the founder, I dedicate ALL of my time to bring your dog home where he/she belongs!  




Service area: Lehigh Valley and surrounding area


Lost Pet Specialist


Bonnie Hale provides lost pet services in Texas and most adjacent states. She and her search dogs have been helping lost pets get home for over 10 years. Services include initial consultation (free), onsite searches with trained search dogs, and in-depth phone consultations.  


(phone call or text preferred)


Fee for service  (Free initial phone consult) 

Service area: Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas   


Pure Gold Pet Trackers 


Pure Gold Pet Trackers provides tracking with scent-specific pet only (no human SAR) tracking dogs, lost pet consultations, poster design, lost pet profiling, humane trap and trail camera rentals, and specialty trapping for hard to catch animals.  



Fee for service 

Service area: Virginia 

Specialty: Search dogs 


Roaming Paws Lost Pet Services 


I offer you my experience, skills and knowledge to assist owners of missing pets to use their time and money efficiently to locate their lost pet safely. I offer phone consultations nationally to give effective search and recovery advice. Locally I coordinate and conduct aggressive searches for missing pets. I am skilled in recovering dogs others deemed to be hard to capture. I have a Certified Cat Detection dog Rita May, that assists on lost cat searches and recoveries. 



Fee for service 

Service area: King county - Federal Way to Milton, Pierce County, Gig Harbor, Olympia 

Specialty: Hard to capture dogs  

Canopy Cat Rescue 

Western Washington 

We are professional tree climbers who love to help rescue cats from trees, keeping the safety of the cat as our top priority. We are a non-profit organization and operate on donations only.  Additionally, we climb the tree using ropes and years of technical experience taking care to also not damage the tree. 



Volunteer, nonprofit

Service area: Western Washington

Specialty: Cats stuck in trees 



Dogs of Distinction Canine Training Inc. 


Jane Bowers and her company Dogs of Distinction Canine Training Inc. provide services to reunite lost or missing pets with their families through consultations, search management and with assistance from search dogs.Jane is a certified Missing Animal Response Technician (MAR tech)  and spent 17 years working for Customs Border Services and in joint teams with US Homeland Security and the RCMP.  She spent a further 8 years working as an Animal Control Officer and Bylaw Enforcement Officer for large and small municipalities.She has a degree in Psychology and is a certified trainer and certified behavioral consultant for both dogs and cats.Jane is the content creator of the online course Assessing and Interpreting Dog Behaviour, (hosted by the Canadian Police Knowledge Network) which is a course for law enforcement personnel who meet unfamiliar dogs in the course of their duties.



Fee for service

Service area: Lower mainland and Sunshine Coast of BC 


Liz Oliver  


Liz is a certified MAR Technician and specializes in the tracking of lost pets with her scent-specific trained tracking dog, a black labrador retriever. Always with safety in mind so as not to disturb any lost pets in hiding, Liz and her dog work to locate the direction of travel. She currently works with lost cats (and some dogs) in southern Manitoba. Liz also can loan out surveillance cameras and humane cat traps in her area and is available to help set them up. She takes a special interest in the recovery of skittish and scared cats and regularly studies not only their behavior but techniques related to their detection and capture. She works on a volunteer basis from March through October. 



Service Area: Southern Manitoba  


Healing Hearts Lost Pet Search & Recovery


 Laura is a trained MAR Technician with 10 years experience in assisting owners in locating lost pets. Over the years I have established a network with other Missing Animal Response Teams throughout Southern Ontario, & often collaborate with various Animal Control Agencies to bring missing pets home safely and quickly. Offering telephone/email consultations, poster design /placement, mapping & tracking, humane trapping and surveillance. Specializing in hard to capture pets and those truly lost souls who have no families looking for them. I have designed and built several large sensor activated pen traps similar to the Missy trap which has proven to be invaluable in securing hard to capture pets.




Service area: Most of Southern Ontario and the Niagara Region. I will travel depending on my availability, the specific case and location. 

Aid 4 Paws


Services offered: consultation, poster design, ground search, investigation & recovery of lost pets.



Service area: Dufferin County Ontario & surrounds 



Inspector Spot

We find lost pets using the search strategies and forensic techniques that were developed by US Police Agencies to find missing persons. We have the most advanced system for locating missing animals anywhere in the world. Seriously. We’ve reviewed them all. 

Our system is based on The Five-Pillar System to Successful Lost Pet Recovery (TM) :

1. Education and Prevention

2. Missing Animal Psychology

3. Police Agency Search Strategy

4. Personalised Advertising

5. Electronic Matching and Identification


Fee for service (Money back guarantee)

Service area: New Zealand, Australia, remote assistance to any location worldwide



Happy Tails Pet Detective

Ireland’s first Certified Pet Detective Agency where our team are qualified in the recovery of missing and lost cats and lost and stolen dogs. Since 2007 we have solved over 4300 lost pet cases and our Recovery Rate of 68% speaks volumes for specialised techniques and excellent training. 

Ireland  00353852175267 

UK  00447518949529 


Fee for service (Free initial phone consultation)

Service area: Ireland, UK, and mainland Europe.